CD#03 – Lectures

CD#03 – Lectures


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Dive into an ocean of wisdom and learn what Kabbalah and the Zohar teaches us about these topics

  1. How to reveal the power of Emuna and Botachon (Faith and Trust)
  2. How can I impress G-od?
  3. How much am I worth?
  4. Where does mental illness come from?
  5. Kriat Shma Al Hamita and how to fix the sins of Karet
  6. Can’t do business in Heaven
  7. How can I feel G-od’s love?
  8. How to get rid of bad thoughts?
  9. Why bad things happen to good people?
  10. Who talks Lashon Harah about me? and how to fix Lashon Harah
  11. How to reveal the power of Emuna (Faith)
  12. How do I know Mashiach is coming soon?


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