CD#14 – Emuna & Bitachon

CD#14 – Emuna & Bitachon


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13 powerful lectures by Rabbi Alon Anava covering the topic of Emuna (Fatih) and Bitachon (Trust on G-d). How to strengthen your trust and faith in G-d. Practical tools and methods to build a strong relationship and faith in Hashem. Highly recommend

  1. Kabbalah – The month of Kislev is – Build your Emuna (Faith)
  2. Can you give a Knockout? The secret of winning
  3. Learn from your mistakes
  4. Use your inner power the right way – Parashat Korach
  5. The secret of strengthening your Bitachon (Trust) in G-d
  6. What’s the purpose of life Are you on the right track
  7. Seeing the good in everything
  8. Does G-d consider my opinion
  9. Does G-d listen to our prayers
  10. Dealing with life’s challenges – Powerful message
  11. Light up your candle (Your soul)
  12. How to stay focused on G-d in hard times
  13. Let G-d deal with your problems

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