CD#16 – Kabbalah of the Jewish calendar

CD#16 – Kabbalah of the Jewish calendar


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17 powerful lectures by Rabbi Alon Anava covering the topic of the inner meaning of each month of year and what can be achieved during that month based on the teachings of Kabbalah and the Holy Zohar. Each class is full of information that is not only interesting but also practical to use for us to be spiritually elevated and how to transform ourselves to become a better person – Highly recommended!!

  1. The month of Tishrei
  2. The month of Cheshvan
  3. The month of Kislev
  4. The month of Kislev
  5. The month of Tevet
  6. The month of Tevet
  7. The month of Shevat
  8. The month of Shevat
  9. The month of Adar
  10. The month of Adar
  11. The month of Nissan
  12. The month of Iyar
  13. The month of Iyar
  14. The month of Sivan
  15. The month of Tamuz
  16. The month of Av
  17. The month of Elul

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