Zohar CDs

After such a long wait, finally the first series of Zohar classes is available on 3 CDs 

Three (3) CDs loaded with over 55 hours of pure Zohar teachings by Rabbi Alon Anava

CD#1 includes 25 hours of Zohar

  • Parts of Parashat Vayigash, Vayechi and more
  • Interesting secrets such as Adam’s first wife, what happens when we sin, how to be protected from demons, where does Emuna comes from, the hidden light
  • Secret of the Mezuzah, What happens in the universe at midnight, what happens to the soul after we die
  • And SO much more

CD#2 includes 20 hours of Zohar

  • Mystical meaning of Shabbat and the three meals
  • Mystical meaning of the Ten Commandments

CD#3 includes 10 hours of Zohar

  • The secrets behind the shape and lines of the face
  • The secrets of the hands and palms

For a limited time you can get the 3 CDs for only $15 including the shipping (Shipping to anywhere other but the US and Canada please add $5 for shipping)

The cost is to cover the production and to support our FREE CDs distribution around the world. If you can, please help us fund this amazing project.

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