CDs Distribution

CDs Distribution
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CDs Distribution

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We distribute approx. 10,000 CDs per month all around the world for free and our cost is $0.45 per cd. NOTE: The more money is raised, the more CDs we can print.

In the past ten years we have distributed over a Million CDs and DVDs all around the world. The CDs are given for free and the results are life changing. Tens of thousands of peoples lives were effected and changed and thousands of people enjoy Torah classes daily while driving, working, traveling and simple just learning Torah in their free time!

Each one shall aid his fellow, and to his brother he shall say, Strengthen yourself. - Yeshayahu (Isaiah) Chapter 41/6.

By supporting our FREE CD's Campaign you take part in one of the most powerful outreach systems in the world and the merit of spreading Torah and causing people to learn and observe the Torah is unfathomable!