Get Married

With so many single people in our generation that can not find their soulmate and with so many difficulties getting married we have decides to take action.

Mystical Jewish tradition says that a person who goes to a grave of a holy Tzadik for 40 consecutive days to pray for one thing, will be granted that thing!

The origin of this idea, praying 40 consecutive days, is Moshe Rabbeinu, who spent 40 days on Mount Sinai, asking forgiveness for the Jewish people for the sin of the Golden Calf. Rabbi Yisrael Yaakov Fischer, one of the leading sages of the last generation, established that if these 40 days were prayed specifically at a holy site, it was a special Segula – an auspicious omen, like a recipe for success.

Where is the best place to pray?

For generations, Jews who couldn’t find their shidduch (Other half) found their salvation in Amuka. Why is this so? Why do those of us who have difficulty finding a shidduch feel that Amuka is the place to pour out our hearts and be saved?

The answer is written in the Seforim Hakedoshim (Holy books): Rabbi Yonatan ben Uziel who is buried in Amuka feels our pain since he went through exactly the same thing we are going through.

The Tanna Rabbi Yonatan ben Uziel passed away without getting married and he went through all the tremendous difficulties that we go through.

This is why Rabbi Yonatan can identify with what we have to deal with.

Whenever people try to give us encouragement by telling us, “Don’t worry, everything will work out for the best,” we ask ourselves, “How they would cope if they were in our shoes?”

However, the tzaddik Rabbi Yonatan ben Uziel, who never married and faced all the difficulties and challenges that we face, still became a holy tanna who helped all of Klal Yisroel. The Gemora (Talmud) attests to his tremendous holiness when it tells us that if “a bird would fly over his head when he was learning, the bird would be burnt up.”

Since it is impossible for you to make it out there to Amuka and many other Holy Grave sites in Tzfat in the Upper Galilee, we will do it for you! Let us pray for you at these Holy Grave sites.

Have Rabbi Anava pray for you!

And with G-d’s help you will find your other half!

DO NOT miss this opportunity!!


Join the many couples that have found each other thanks to prayers at holy sites by Rabbi Alon Anava


Rabbi Anava will pray on your behalf at Amuka


Rabbi Anava will pray on your behalf at Holy Gravesites in Tzfat once a week for a month


Rabbi Anava will pray for you Once a week at a holy graves in Tzfat for three months


Rabbi Anava will pray for you everyday at a holy graves in Tzfat for 40 days