CD#09 – Purim

CD#09 – Purim


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Over 12 hours of pure Torah including twelve (12) lectures. Rabbi Anava is covering many different angels and fascinating teachings and interpretations about Purim and also mystical teachings about the holiday of Purim.

  1. The Month of Adar – What can be achieved – What to work on
  2. How to find happiness
  3. Mystical insights of the fast of Esther and Purim – The Kavanah Show
  4. How can I be happy
  5. Our secret weapon
  6. The secret of Haman and Achashverosh
  7. The mystical teachings of Purim
  8. How often do you see a miracle?
  9. Am I where I am supposed to be
  10. The secret behind the Megila
  11. How to break the Klipa
  12. Purim is not over till….

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