CD#08 – Chanukah

CD#08 – Chanukah


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Over 10 hours of pure Torah including ten (10) lectures. Rabbi Anava is covering the both the oral laws (Halacha) about Chanuka and also mystical teachings about the holiday of Chanukah.

  1. The war with Yavan (Greece) – Then and today
  2. Fighting klipat Noga
  3. 30 minutes of light – Why we light the Menora after sundown
  4. Chanuka – It’s all about unity
  5. Why a pitcher of oil? The secret behind the miracle
  6. The Ten (10) things we can achieve on Chanukah – The secret of the dreidel
  7. Hilchot (Oral laws) of Chanukah – Part 1, 2 & 3
  8. Light up your candle (Your soul)

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