CD#02 – Lectures

CD#02 – Lectures


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Enjoy 16 hours of pure Torah by Rabbi Alon Anava. The topics of the lectures are below.


  1. How does the heavenly court judge me?
  2. Why do we do Mitzvot?
  3. How to find the right path for me?
  4. Challah, Shabbat candles and family purity – mystical insights
  5. Are Kosher restaurants really Kosher?
  6. Basic overview of Reincarnation
  7. Emuna (Fatih) and Bitachon (Trust) – How do i get it?
  8. Kriat Shma Al Hamita – The power and importance of Bed time Shma
  9. The power of Modesty
  10. The power of Rosh Chodesh
  11. Women, Tehillim and King David – What’s the connection?
  12. The importance and power of praying
  13. The importance of physical Mitzvot


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