CD#18 – Pesach #2

CD#18 – Pesach #2


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Over 15 hours of pure Torah including fifteen (13) lectures. Rabbi Anava is covering many different angels and fascinating teachings and interpretations about Pesach and also mystical teachings about the holiday of Passover.

  1. Laws of Pesach – All about the cleaning
  2. The search for Chametz… The meaning behind it
  3. Pesach – Think BIG… and see the immediate changes…
  4. Ma Nishtana – Why is tonight different from all other nights
  5. How Pesach can enhance my Emuna
  6. How can I see a miracle
  7. Leave your limitations
  8. The hidden secret of Pesach that will change your life
  9. Are you ready for Pesach?
  10. Shabbat Ha’Gadol – what is it all about
  11. Don’t miss the train
  12. Pesach Sheni – A 24 hour opportunity to live…
  13. Pesach Sheni – What’s the point?

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