Are you ready – Book

Are you ready – Book


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All proceeds from the book goes to fund Rabbi Anava’s women learning center in Israel

The book has 134 pages

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For thousands of years, we’ve been hearing that Moshiach is coming and nothing has happened yet, that is, until NOW. Why should we still expect him? Why don’t we hear anyone screaming from the excitement of his imminent arrival? Why don’t we hear Rabbis talking about the coming of Moshiach and the redemption?

It is hard to believe that a man (Moshiach) will come to ‘save’ us from this horrible exile where terror attacks occur daily, economies are crashing, there are financial difficulties and losses, sickness and depression, natural disasters, wars around the world, nations fighting each other and of course, the personal pain and suffering each and every one of us has to endure in our private lives.

In this book Rabbi Alon Anava addresses these questions with dozens of sources from our Holy Torah, books of Prophets, Talmud and Zohar, Kabbalah and many teachings passed down from our righteous leaders and Rabbis. We hope that this will encourage you to take this new awareness and put it into action, so that you can help prepare the world, spread the word and do whatever you can, because Moshiach IS coming and you must… GET READY


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