A single person can change million lives

Rabbi Alon Anava shares his life-changing story with the public. He will take the time to speak to any size group. He has been invited to speak in a variety of settings;

from crowds of hundreds to private homes, Shabbatons, schools, Yeshivas, etc. He is able to connect to teenagers and young adults as well as older crowds.

His public appearances are riveting, uplifting and inspiring. Alon is able to address any type of crowd, due to life experience as both a secular and observant Jew. Alon has a keen sense of tapping into the needs of the audience, making it a personal experience for listeners. He is able to create a comfortable, non-judgemental environment, where the crowd is able to open up and freely ask questions and express themselves. Often, Alon maintains contact with members of the audience, continuing to answer and address concerns and questions.

Rabbi anava has spoken throughout the world and given over 1000 lectures, always resulting in a great uplifting and inspiring event. The audience is left feeling inspired and ready to make a life-change. Rabbi Anava’s lectures are unique due to his passion in fulfilling his personal mission . For more information about how to book a lecture, please use the Contact Us page