Rabbi Alon Anava was born and raised in Israel.  He grew up in Ra’anana in a very secular family without any Torah education or knowledge. He grew up hating religion and anything that had to do with it. He did not believe in G-od and the Torah and lived  life as a secular Jew. In 1998, he moved to New York and soon after, on a very special day, the morning of Passover 2001 he had a Near Death Experience due to a sudden cardiac arrest. This event has changed his life for the GOOD!!!

After five years of Yeshivah studies, Rabbi Anava started sharing his Near Death Experience with the public lecturing all around the world at Schools, Synagogues, Yeshivahs, outreach programs and organizations, private sessions and much more, reaching tens of thousands of people at over 1,000 lectures in the past ten years. In the past 5 years Rabbi Anava has expanded his out reach efforts through the internet reaching tens of thousands of people resulting with over 100,000 followers worldwide on the internet and social networks. With over 1,700,000 views to his videos, over 500,000 DVDs and CDs distributed, his followers enjoy daily Torah studying on his websites, social networks, videos, podcasts, live streaming and live Torah classes and lectures. Rabbi Anava’s followers enjoy his undivided attention through daily phone calls, skype meetings, personal and group meetings along with coaching and assistance. Rabbi Anava and his wife opens their home for hundreds of guests that enjoy their warm and loving hospitality and uplifting Shabbat and holiday meals.