Zot Chanuka

Zot Chanuka

The 8th Day of Chanukah. The “simple” explanation for this special name for the last day of Chanuka is the Torah reading from the end of Parshat Naso that emphatically announces ZOT CHANUKAT HA-MIZBEI’ACH (when the Torah is summing up the gifts of all the Tribal Leaders.

But on a deeper level, the last day of Chanuka holds in it ALL the light we gathered in the last seven days. A powerful day for prayer, Teshuvah (Repentance), taking on ourselves new and positive decisions and to some great teachers it is as powerful as Yom Kippur!

Today you want to focus on yourself, introspect your actions and make a positive change in your life, as this day has the energy to assist you with that.

We celebrate with a festive meal, wash your hands to eat bread, enjoy a good meal of your favourite food, pray the Birkat Ha’Mazon (the Grace After Meal) and mediate on the potential growth you can achieve today!

One should also recite seven (7) chapters of Tehilim (In this order): 30, 19, 67, 121, 100, 33, 150

May Hashem hear and accept all our prayers!