Elul – Day 31

Day 31

Shabbat – Rosh Hashana – 1st of Tishrei – September 16th



  1. Read personal prayer daily by Rabbi Nachman of Breslov
  2. Read twice a day chapter 27 (כז׳) in Tehilim.
  3. Tikun Haklali
  4. Chapter thirty one (31)  from the book of Mishlei (Proverbs)
  5. Read three (3) daily Tehilim – Chapters 88,89,90


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Daily videos

A powerful message before Rosh Hashana by Rabbi Alon Anava



40 Days prayers at Holy sites

From Rosh Chodesh Elul (this Shabbat) till Yom Kippur Rabbi Anava will be visiting everyday a holy site in Israel and pray there. Some of the site will include the Kotel in Yerushalyim, holy graves and holy synagogues.

For a very limited amount of people, you can join to the list of names that Rabbi Anava will be praying for everyday in these holy site. For most of the prayers will be a Minyan of men praying and learning Torah.

The cost for this service is $360 which also includes Tzedaka (Charity) that will be given everyday on your behalf

To join, click the green button