This year make a huge difference! is involved in many activities and causes

Our annual budget for the coming year is $200,000

Read below the break down and choose how you partner with us! 


Outreach Program – $120,000 (Per year)

Distribution of approx. 50,000 CDs and DVD’s. – $25,000 (Per Year)

We distribute thousands CDs per month all around the world at a cost of $0.50 per cd  

NOTE: The more money is raised, the more CDs we can print.

Full time video editor – $36,000 (Per Year)

  • All of Rabbi Anava’s classes and lectures are professionally edited, cut and uploaded to many platforms including Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, iTunes, Soundcloud, LinkedIn, Pinterest  and of course printed CDs, USBs and much more!
  • The editor is also the admin for all these platforms
  • Are goal is to start broadcasting all of Rabbi Anava’s lectures live
  • The editor earns $3000 per month

Equipment – $5,000 (Per Year)

  • Cameras, Microphone, computers etc.
  • Editing and design software
  • Broadcasting equipment
  • And more…

Results from the video distribution the past year:

  • Youtube:  Over 4.5 Million views. Over 200 Million minutes of videos viewed.  40,000 active subscribers enjoy daily classes
  • Facebook: Over 1 Million views. Over 80 Million minutes of videos viewed. over 35,000 active followers enjoy daily Torah
  • Soundcloud and iTunes:  over 1.5 Million plays of Audio tracks.  over 10,000 active followers enjoy daily Torah
  • Whatsapp: 152 groups, serve over 45,000 subscribers that enjoy daily Torah inspiration videos, audio and Torah 
  • And the list goes on and on…..


Webmaster, Designer and social media manager – $54,000 (Per Year)


Results from the websites and social media the past year: 

    • Websites: Over 1.5 Million unique visitors visited Rabbi Anava’s websites in the past year. Over 40,000 users enjoy daily the content on the websites. Over 15,000 Questions were answered over the websites and  thousands of people were assisted in many different ways including guidance, emotional, spiritual and physical help and support and much more. 
    • Facebook: Over 45,000 active users  Enjoy daily posts, videos and information. Tens of thousands of followers were assisted with a wide variety of help. Thousands of questions were answered. Thousands received guidance and much more.
    • A massive amount of followers:  Our system handles thousands of messages per day funnelling for many different platforms where we assist and help all of our followers and so many different ways,  which in many times are life and death matters. 



Shabbat Meals – $50,000 (Per Year)

Every Shabbat Rabbi Anava and his wife host huge Shabbat meals at the Be’er Miriam learning center in Tzfat, that serves the local community and thousands of visitors from all around the world that come to visit Tzfat and experience a REAL Shabbat in the holy land.

On an average Shabbat we provide anywhere between 30-80 servings through out the three meals. The meals include healthy home made cooking, wine and a unique atmosphere you can not even price! 

A large amount of our guest are poor people, single mothers and many other people in need of a good meal and some caring with good company !

An average Shabbat (Sometimes one meal and sometimes three meals) costs anywhere between $1000 – $2500  per Shabbat! Since many participate in the cost, we only calculate $1000 per Shabbat totalling $50,000 per year, even though it is MUCH more than that as we host Rosh Chodesh meals every month. Holiday meals , Pruim and Chanuka parties, Pesach Seder night and MUCH more!

Please note that our expenses for these meals are MUCH more than $50,000. In the past year we sept $126,000 on food! This is the minimum amount we need to secure the operation of the Shabbat meals



Synagogue and Yeshivah – $30,000 (Per Year)

  • Basic up-keeping of the building. Cleaning, utilities, refreshments etc.
  • We have daily Minyanim (prayers)
  • Many of Rabbi Anava’s classes are at the Yeshivah

Please note that our expenses to maintain and up-keep the synagogue and Yeshivah are MUCH more than $15,000. This is the minimum amount we need to secure the operation of the Yeshivah

There are many more causes you can support!

Rabbi Anava manages many more causes that are not included in the above budget which of course you can also support. These causes are managed based on donations coming in. The more donations come in the more we can help. Some of these causes are:

  • Be’er Miriam women’s seminary  –  Located on the old city of Tzfat is a on of a kind  learning center for mature women.
  • Food bank: In the last year we spent over $45,000 in food that was distributed to poor and needy families.
  • Hachnasat Kallah, Yeshivah tuition, Debt help, Tefilin fund and MUCH more