Rabbi Anava recovery fund

Rabbi Anava’s recovery fund

Three months ago Rabbi Anava suffered a series of illnesses, starting with a severe infection in his leg causing cellulitis, which developed into sepsis (is a potentially life-threatening condition caused by the body’s response to an infection). After having been hospitalized twice the situation deteriorated and a massive blood clot reached to the main artery of his lungs causing pulmonary embolism nearly killing our beloved Rabbi.

Not to mention the pain, suffering, discomfort and stress to Rabbi Anava, but also for his entire family, especially his wife Devora, who gave birth to their seventh child four weeks before this horrible event, and was left taking care of her husband and seven kids.

We are beyond thankful to Hashem for saving our beloved Rabbi and also healing him in a miraculous way, but unfortunately this entire sad event has caused also tremendous financial burden, both for the recovery expenses and supporting Rabbi Anava’s family while he can not work at all for the last three months.

We are launching this campaign to help with Rabbi Anava’s recovery and financial assistance to Rabbi Anava and his family.

Rabbi Anava has touched tens of thousands of people’s hearts, helped thousands of people in so many ways and brought tens of thousands of souls back to Hashem.

Now it time for us to show gratitude and support to Rabbi Anava!

Please help us today so we can have Rabbi Anava back helping us!

Rabbi Anava hospital
The Anava family

Watch this amazing video of Rabbi Anava sharing his miraculous recovery