Passover Fundraiser Campaign

Passover Fundraiser Campaign

Passover Fundraiser Campaign

Many families are depending on our financial help to celebrate Passover

  • country
  • people served
    over 650
  • type
    Food Assistance
  • fund raised
    $ 9,953

Hundreds of poor families will have to prepare for the Chag in the next few weeks, and they are looking forward to receiving help in time. Those who are quick do Mitzvot swiftly, and will provide what is necessary for the holiday for these poor people, who don’t have anything but Maror in their lives.

With the unfortunate reality of thousands of people not able to buy food for the holiday, once again we are asking the public to join forces with us so we can help these families enjoy the holiday and celebrate Passover.

We also have the merit to host a large public Seder night at the Be’er Miriam center in Tzfat where dozens of people will join us, most of them who don’t even have where to spend the Seder night. We ask you to join in a small contribution and may Hashem bless you 100 times more!


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