• Shabbat Meals

      Take part in feeding hundreds of people every Shabbat and join one of the greatest Mitzvot!
      $32,682.25 donated of $50,000.00 goal
    • Free CDs

      Take part in one of the largest CD/DVD distribution projects around the world spreading Torah and inspirational talks that changes life's!
      $17,448.64 donated of $25,000.00 goal
    • Food bank

      Cause NO child, senior citizen or family should ever be hungry and it is up to us to make sure it happens
      $15,832.41 donated of $30,000.00 goal
    • Be’er Miriam

      The first and ONLY older women learning center in the world for English speaker women that want to learn Torah.
      $45,040.64 donated of $250,000.00 goal
    • Hachnosas Kallah

      One of the most important charity is being marrying off poor brides, referred to in Jewish literature as Hachnosas Kallah. Jewish sources indicate that participating in the Mitzvah of Hachnosas Kallah provides a person with many personal benefits.
      $11,878.89 donated of $35,000.00 goal