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A well known Mishna in Peah, recited daily in the morning prayers, lists Hachnosas Kallah among a select few commandments that benefit a person both in this world and the next world. The Jewish sources indicate that Hachnosas Kallah assists one in finding a spouse, being blessed with children and being saved from a life threatening illness.

Atzmut provide impoverished brides and grooms with their needs to begin a home. Your charity dollar goes further as poor brides are provided with Atzmut vouchers to be redeemed for store items at nearly cost price. Though some 250 couples received vouchers this year, countless impoverished brides and grooms must be turned away due to limited funding for this program. Your donations can change that for them.

Contributing to the Atzmut Bridal Fund means more than giving a young couple houseware and linens: you have given them the opportunity to begin a new home together with joy and excitement. The Atzmut bride is one who has grown up in poverty.

Can you see her smile as she arranges the pretty dishes she has chosen in her cupboard?

What is unique about Atzmut bridal program is that your donation may be made in honor of a single friend or relative, and in return, the recipient will pray for your friend on her wedding day. Our Atzmut brides are only too happy to be able to give something back to their donors and often start praying for their single friends immediately upon receiving their names. Some brides even call the Atzmut office inquiring as to whether or not ‘their single friend’ for whom they prayed has gotten engaged! Help a bride begin her home with dignity and joy

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