Ninth month – Ninth day – Ninth hour

Ninth month – Ninth day – Ninth hour – Nine minutes

Based on the teachings of the holy Kabbalist Rabbi Avraham Me׳rimon in his book ‘Brit Menucha’, Rabbi Chaim vital in the introduction to ‘Eitz Chaim’ and ‘Sha’ar Hahakdamot’ quotes Rabbi Avaraham that on the Ninth month (Kislev) on the Ninth day and on the Ninth hour, the gates of mercy and blessings are open for NINE minutes for us to pray to the master of the universe for all our needs. Take advantage of this time!!

This is also explained by the holy Rebbe of Slonim.

This year (2023) the ninth day falls on Wednesday (November 22nd, 2023)

Rabbi Anava will be praying at Rabbi Nachum Ish Gamzu’s tomb at this time, and you can submit names for prayers!

Therefore on this powerful day there are a few things you want to do:

  1. Visit the website to find out the exact time of sunrise – Visit Website click here You can also scroll down to the bottom of the page to see hours for major cities in the world
  2. From the exact time of sunrise in your city, add 9 (Halacha) hours to know the exact time that the nine (9) minutes start – For example what the above video with exact explanation. For example in Tzfat sunrise is at 6:14am (Add 9 hours) and the 9 minutes start at 13:58 (1:58pm) and ends 14:07 (2:07pm)
  3. Read chapters 1, 23, 102 & 150 of Tehilm
  4. Read chapters 120-150 of Tehilm – Find PDF to download below
  5. Read Tikun Haklali – Find PDF to download below
  6. If you can read Tikun Ha’Gadol – Find PDF to download below
  7. Pray from your heart with your words anything you want and need – Ask from Hashem

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you would like to submit names for prayers, use the link below and make sure you share with your friends

Play the video above for an important message!

The time the 9th hour starts in some of the major cities around the world

NOTE: The calculations are not 100% accurate depending on more detailed location. Rabbi Anava suggests to be ready a few minutes before and go over the time a bit to make sure you hit the whole 9 minutes

Tzfat  1:58pm – 2:07pm

Jerusalem 2:00pm – 2:09pm

Melbourne, Australia 4:40pm – 4:49pm

Sydney, Australia 4:11pm – 4:20pm

Perth, Australia 2:09pm – 2:08pm

London, UK 10:27am – 10:36am

Munich, Germany 2:13pm – 2:22pm

Montréal, Canada 1:58pm – 2:07pm

Brooklyn, NY 2:07pm – 2:16pm

Monsey, NY 2:07pm – 2:16pm

North Jersey, NJ 2:07pm – 2:16pm

South Jersey, NJ 2:01pm – 2:10pm

Miami, FL 2:47pm – 2:56pm

Denver, CO 2:10pm – 2:19pm

Minneapolis, MN 2:47pm – 2:56pm

Los Angeles, CA 2:12pm – 2:21pm