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Be’er Miriam is the first and only learning center in the world that accommodates women of all ages, especially older women that want to learn Torah and grow spiritually. Located in the old city of Safed (Tzfat), one of the holiest cities in the world, women are educated and inspired to grow spiritually.

Be’er Miriam offers a wide range of classes:Be’er Miriam offers a wide range of classes:-Chumash, Parsha, Tanach-Oral Torah, beginners and advance-Kabbalah, Zohar & ChasidutWe also offer more in-depth studies as known from the teachings of Rabbi Alon Anava.  Be’er Miriam offers a beginner and an advanced track which allows for anyone interested in learning to choose a program.  Programming includes 3-10 day seminars, Shabbatons  or long term studying.  We plan to create a learning option for everyone.For more info visit www.beermiriamsafed.org

Be’er Miriam was designed to offer beautiful accommodations for groups of women who come for short term seminaries. These seminaries are are between 3-12 days long, where the women are inspired with a full day or learning, praying, lectures and tours to holy sites, enriching there knowledge and uplifting their spiritual level which results with a remarkable trip